This programme provides a complete tour to the sacred site of ancient Olympia in the 2nd century BC. Monuments and sacred buildings come to life, enabling visitors to participate in the events and the rituals of the Olympic Games and to learn about the history of the city: the temple of Zeus, a model of Doric peripteral temple with magnificent sculpted decoration, the Heraion, the oldest monumental building of the sanctuary, dedicated to the goddess Hera, the Gymnasium, which was used for the training of javelin throwers, discus throwers and runners, the Palaestra, where the wrestlers, jumpers and boxers trained, the Leonidaion, which was where the official guests stayed, the Bouleuterion, where athletes, relatives and judges took a vow that they would upheld the rules of the Games, the Stadium, where most of the events took place, the Treasuries of various cities, where valuable offerings were kept, the Philippeion, which was dedicated by Philip II, king of Macedonia, after his victory in the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC.


The three-dimensional film-documentary entitled "Darwin: the mystery of life" is being presented at "Tholos", the Virtual Reality theatre of Hellenic Cosmos, from November 2011. The film promises an adventurous journey of discovery of the evolution of life in our planet through the eyes of Darwin. The impressive graphics at the 360° screen of "Tholos", the music by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and the narration by the actor Giannis Bezos guarantee that the film "Darwin. The mystery of nature" will "enchant" both children and adults.

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The city of Miletus on the western coast of Asia Minor, one of the most important cities in Ionia, comes to life again in the Virtual Reality production "A Walk Through Ancient Miletus". The stereoscopic projection with the use of special glasses and the advanced specifications that characterize the environment of "Tholos" provide unique experiences of immersion into the virtual environment.
So, the visitors have the opportunity to visit the city as it was 2,000 years ago, to learn about its most important public buildings, to admire -in a panoramic view- its excellent city planning design, work of Hippodamas, or even "dive" into its port.

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The first production unit that will be shown in the "Tholos" deals with the Ancient Agora of Athens and the selection of this subject is in accordance with the Foundation's mission to deal with issues of Hellenic history and culture. FHW's scientists, experts in various fields, and external collaborators worked for its implementation. In addition, the Foundation of the Hellenic World, wishing to present the Ancient Agora in a complete and scientifically documented way, chose to develop the subject in three different tours, each of which lasts for 20-25 minutes: "Interactive tour in the Ancient Agora" and "Athena in the Ancient Agora".

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The digital Virtual Reality collection "The Ancient Agora of Athens" was co-funded by the Operational Programme of the Information Society of the 3rd Community Support Framework (75% by the European Fund of Regional Development and 25% be State Funds)

The construction and equipment of the "Tholos" funded, as part of the Attica Regional Operational Programme of the 3rd Community Support Framework (with funding 50% by the European Fund of Regional Development and 50% by State Funds)